Happy, Healthy, Hypoallergenic Siberian Kittens 

Wild Looks, Sweet Temperaments:
The ForestWind Siberian Cats

Our beloved girls ramble through our 115 year old house, enjoying the sunny windows and many nooks and crannies. When ready to kitten, they retreat to the nursery, a cosy room with a warm basket and also a covered "den" for birthing and raising their baby kittens.  This is  Sher Sladkoe Pyatnyshko, ns 09 24. To the left with her daughter ForestWind Faina Stepanova, and to the right with two of Faina's littermates. 
Selected for their good health, gentle and loving temperaments, and low levels of the fel d-1 allergen, our Mama Siberians are playful their entire lives. We believe this is due to the female Siberian cat's role in raising and training kittens. Do you adore active, playful cats? If so, you will want to consider adopting a female kitten.

Our Loving Mommy Cats

Our lovely Siberian Mama cats are Cica Bogdana n 24 09; Sher Sladkoe Pyatnyshko, ns 09 24; ForestWind Olievia, fs 22 09; & ForestWind Radaslava (Rosie at home), ny 24. 

Thank you so much to Maria of Cica for her introduction to Foundation Siberian cats, and to Irina Parshina of Sweet Speck (Sladkoe Pyatnyshko in Russian), for our Sher, "Bee" at home. Sher's kittens are uniformly affectionate, confident and typey. We have had terrific success with her offspring in allergy homes! Sher will have a strong and positive impact on Siberian development in North America <3

Bogdana and Rosie are retiring this year. If you are interested in adopting a retired Siberian cat, simply send us an email requesting information on retiree adoption exploration:) We are so sorry, but we are unable to place our retirees in allergy homes. Retirees have follow up heart testing triannually through age 10. Testing is paid for by ForestWind Siberian Cats. Travel to Buffalo, NY is the responsibility of the adopting family.

Our Gentle and Affectionate Daddy Cats

To the left is gorgeous Zhelan Manchzury. Many thanks to  Natalya Khomyak for entrusting us with this rare boy. Not only are his size and looks tremendous, but his kittens inherit his wonderfully wild spotted markings :) Zhelan's mother is a foundation Siberian cat. This means she is the very first cat in her line - a true, natural Siberian cat from eastern Russia <3.

Our sweet boys are selected for conformation to the standard, vigorous health. Our boys must also be loving, gentle, and have playful personalities. Studs are part of our family. Non-spraying boys "live out" in the house, and any "hosers" join the family daily for play time and cuddling.

The right stud is very hard to find. Since a male shares his genetic makeup, looks, and temperament with more kittens than a female will, it is essential that his addition to Siberian cat genetics be very carefully considered.

Our boys are selected for health, temperament, conformation to the FIFE standard, genetic diversity, the original large breed size, and complementary pairing with our loving Queens.

Our Current "Men" are Ch. Christofor Adagio and
Zhelan Manchzhury. Click on their names to see their pedigrees on